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cheap nike air max 1 womens uk Sansei reincarnation, flowers fade and bloom , fewer youth in this season for Love . Will we know , we have had clothing to hand out food to mouth the day , parents are given ? Will we understand that the birthday go ktv entertainment while parents are probably hard at work ? While we were full of joy to celebrate the so-called birthday , we will understand , ten years of that day , the mother fried by how much pain it gave birth to us ? Do we know , ten years devoted themselves to their parents hair is white. Yes, our parents have inadvertently old, never, no longer young.

Years elapsed between the fingers inadvertently , we aspire to university life cheap nike air max 1 womens uk , we perhaps fortunate that he is still very young , thankful to still have a lot to be squandered youth , glad that they can live carefree . However , we will take a little time to think about being in a hundred idle , and who gave us all this ?

At that moment turned round , I saw my father behind white temples, turned the moment , I know , my father , then 43 years old in that moment , my heart hurts, it hurts .

High school life is so carefree , laid-back to , we can put parents' hard-earned pay , as is a habit. Yes, I saw a lot of concern to parents smile , looking more and relaxed watching TV with their parents , we feel that all parents be given , it is taken for granted. Nothing to worry about as we continue to squander their parents to money earned with sweat and blood , we hid in the toilet to smoke in time, we will think of his father sucked in cheap nike air max 1 womens uk smoke, cheaper than us in half ? Is the ground , maybe you 'll think , did not mention whether or not you 'll be smiling , then what ?

That 's nothing, we think so selflessly given to our parents , we return to where ? Perhaps, in fifty years to the time we came to realize , oh , how valuable is selfless parents ! Yeah, just how precious ! However, we in parents? They may have little time , in exchange for their hard life , just to acrimony us , just after we married to drag !

Looking back, it is already slightly bent to the back , and that behind the cheap nike air max 1 womens uk  white temples, is so harsh, stinging our hearts .

In fact , parents need, not as unreasonable , they just need to do a little bit of force us to learn , as long as the future , we have the ability to live their own , they 'll be satisfied . They did not expect and desire for our future dedicated to raising them,cheap nike air max 1 womens uk they just want to use their best efforts to make our lives better.

Parents, is great, is selfless . They no longer young , but I hope in their lifetime , and we more than happy to let them happy, just hope all parents of children in all the days of limited parents to let them happy cheap nike air max 1 womens uk!

Deep feelings of the parents , the world can learn a lesson , Wang Jun Forget this situation long !